Two Fresh Beauties

Cindy Shine is in the shower while her gf Leanne Lace waits on the couch. Cindy takes her time, rinsing off her rigid suntanned bum and her plane stomach with great care. Ultimately Leanne begins to wonder what's taking Cindy so long, so she makes her way upstairs to join Cindy in the bathroom. Grabbing a towel, Leanne tempts her gf out of the bath with a kiss. The damsels take each other's palms and relocate to the bedroom.Since Cindy is already naked she takes her time unsheathing Leanne's powerful breasts. Leaning in, she samples each nipple, then pulls Leanne close for another indulgent kiss. How can Leanne do anything but mimic Cindy's actions? She gorges herself on Cindy's nipples, using her tongue to taunt them into rigid little peaks. Then she lays back in the couch so that Cindy can have her way with her.Tugging Leanne's panties to the side, Cindy spurts to her knees and arches forward to her face in her girlfriend's crying slit. She takes an experimental lick, then, liking what she finds, she dives in deep for a long pussy feast. Leanne lets her head loll back, enjoying every single contraction of deep elation as Cindy makes magic with her endowed tongue.When Cindy draws back and substitutes her mouth with her hands, Leanne her head to down the line of her at her lover. She sees as Cindy relieves her of her underwear, then humbly spreads her thighs as Cindy presses her fingers deep inside. Using her palms and mouth in equal measures, Cindy little by little works Leanne to a big O that elevates her back from the bed. She crawls up Leanne's body, letting Leanne taste her own essence in a deep, sultry kiss.Leanne turns around on the bed, laying with her soles in the direction of the headboard and Cindy railing her mouth. She's endowed with her mouth, lapping at Cindy's cream filled pussy as Cindy's thighs set a primal pace of passion. As her tongue parts the folds of Cindy's vagina and probe her clit, Leanne can't contain her smallish moans of elation that blend with Cindy's louder cries.Getting on her palms and knees, Cindy once again opens herself for Leanne to continue her voluptuous assault. Leanne is thorough with her tongue as she arches into Cindy's pussy and gives her some full pussy attention. When she moves a bit higher and testing Cindy's anus with her rock-hard tongue, the brunette comes apart with moans of true bliss!Cindy is happy to give as good as she gets, pressing Leanne down onto the couch and going to town on her cream filled poke hole. Her pierced tongue works in overtime as she moves from Leanne's vag to her ass. Pulling Leanne's cheeks apart, Cindy a taste of that chocolate starfish before she lodges into a all girl Sixty-nine with her lover. That mutual elation is enough to get each of them off one last time, leaving them both replete with sexual delight.

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