No Place Like Home

Gia Paige is primed and ready for action as she waits for Logan Pierce to arrive home. Wearing just a boulder-holder and thong, she's got one thing on the mind: seduction. Finding herself incapable to wait for Logan's arrival, she heads ahead and gets embarked sans him, pulling her thong to the side and groping at her phat landing unwrap puss.When Logan ambles in and catches Gia in the act, she doesn't hesitate to go into full-on fuck-fest kitty mode and wave him closer. No mortal dude could refuse such bounty, and Logan is no exception, when Gia gives him several kisses and then dips her head to engulf his hardon inbetween her mild wet lips. Her dt is slow and passionate, but extremely pleasurable.Pulling Gia up, Logan step by step works his way down her body until he has sampled every inch from her neck to her breasts. Moving farther down, he urges Gia onto her forearms and knees so that he can arch forward to smooch her most private parts. Liking the taste of Gia's passion, Logan laps away at the sweet jelly that cascades from her snatch.When Logan lays down on the bed, Gia knows just what to do. She swings one thigh over so that she is sitting astride her lover, and then guides herself down onto his dick. After an experimental bounce, she sets off on a stiffie rail that is and slow and increments, depending on what she needs in the moment. She even arches forward so that Logan can proceed to suckle her globes while she moves around him.Getting on her forearms and knees, Gia lets Logan take over the rock hard work of lovemaking. Logan is blessed to have fun stud to such a hot piece, and briefly he is romping at Gia's fuckbox so rock hard that her mounds quiver and his balls smack against her culo on every stroke. Gia's of let Logan know that she enjoys it deep and hard, but when she rolls onto her back and gazes into his eyes as he continues to pulverize her it is that pose that brings her off.After watching the have fun of fun across Gia's face as she climaxes, Logan can't hold back for much longer. He pulls out in time, his ejaculation coming as Gia guides him to dump across her belly. Their craving for each other satisfied, they interchange a deep smooch to seal the zeal inbetween them.

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