Hot Rubdown

Spanish rose Gala Brown is working on her computer when Vic Leon brings her a coffee. Seeing how weary Gala is, Vic takes her computer away and offers her a sole rubdown to help her relax. Albeit Gala would enjoy to have her feet rubbed, she's more interested in pulling Vic close to give him a smooch for his sweet offer.The paramours work to peel off each other's clothes, and as shortly as Gala is down to just her underpants she finds herself on her knees with Vic seated in front of her. His is right there for the munching and sucking, and Gala resumes to do both with a huge smile. She even does some deep sucking as Vic presses her head down and pleads her to fellate him all in.Leaning forth over the ottoman, Gala introduces her caboose and puss to Vic so that he doesn't have to waste a single moment sinking himself deep into her mushy sheath. Their rear end style coupling is slow and steady, helping them each stoke the enthusiasm that is house between them.Despite this enjoyable interlude, Vic refuses to be derailed from his offer of providing Gala a massage. Leading her to the bedroom, he lodges her down on the bed and then coats Gala's back and bootie with lotion. While he's rubbing it into her mild skin, he makes sure to frost Gala's creamy twat and then slip 2 thumbs into her puss to caress her inwards and out.Gala is interested in providing Vic a rubdown as well, albeit her efforts concentrate completely around the length of his rock hard shaft. As shortly as she is sated that she's fondled the lotion in, Gala climbs onto Vic's lap and sides down until his entire manmeat is to the hilt in her lusty pussy. She rides him rock hard for a few minutes, but shortly Vic lets her know that he wants something different.Leading Gala back into the living room, Vic props one of her feet up on the ottoman so that he can take her from behind while she stands. His lengthy fuck-stick beats Gala at just the right angle to drive her wild. The position is ideal for Vic, too, for when he bends forth he can reach out his tongue to and munch Gala's pierced nipples.When Gala lays down on the floor and guides Vic down with her by his hand, he knows just what his flamy girlfriend needs. Pressing 2 thumbs into her twat, he alternates between using his other thumb and his tongue to have fun with her clit until her chokes of anticipation build towards full-on sobs of pleasure. When Gala once again mounts Vic's fuck-stick for a rcg ride, she controls to go the rest of the way into the blissful embrace of her climax.Vic is right behind his lover, needing only a moment of himself to reach the edge of his endurance. When Gala stands up and bends forth so that her back and caboose are to Vic, he is glad to fountain his jism all over her flexible to mark her as his forever and ever.

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