Flesh Taut

A taut sundress clings to every one of Sierra Nicole's curves, leaving nothing to the imagination. Damon Dice luvs what he sees, and instead of going out on a tryst as he had planned he decides to switch his plans to linger in instead. Sierra is entirely up for whatever Damon wants, which she communicates by fumbling his fuck-stick to help it become firmer even faster.Damon comes back the favor, kneading his frigs over Sierra's mound, and even thru the fabric of her panty she can sense his heat. Committed to pleasuring each other, they relocate to the couch where Damon can peel Sierra's sundress from her body. Her sheer is the next to go so that Damon can kiss her neck while fondling her boobs. When his hands sneak lower to sample the humidity of her twat, Sierra lays down on the couch with a grin to let Damon do what he wants.Watching as Sierra touches her clit above the fabric of her underwear, Damon leisurely smooches his way down her thigh. He replaces her forearm with his tongue, and then smirks with anticipation when Sierra pulls her panty aside so that he can taste test her sugary-sweet nectar. Damon is skilled with his throat and his hands, and when he uses both of them for Sierra's sheer pleasure his blond paramour can only lay back and enjoy the ride.Not about to let Damon have all of the sensual fun, Sierra proves that she can give as good as she gets. Not only does she produce a lusty blowjob with every evidence of lovinŠ¢ herself as she gets Damon rock-hard and needy, she also rises up and touches his hardon along her baps and rock-hard nipples. That last bit of delight is all Damon can take before he pulls her forth to rest on his chest.This new pose is perfect for Sierra to reach below her and pose her lover's sausage at her opening. From there she drowns down until she's entirely loaded and ready to ride. Her lengthy slow wanks are rewarded with smooches to her melons whenever they come within Damon's reach. Meanwhile, her chokes of awakening are an indicator that Sierra is lovinŠ¢ herself highly much as she rails Damon's stiffie.Turning around so that Damon can get a view from the back, she keeps moving her hips in a delightful rhythm. Staring at Sierra's shivering bum is more than Damon can handle, and he switches postures to put Sierra in the passive role. Spooning her from behind, he pulverizes her greedy twat rock-hard and then puts her up on her hands and knees to produce a decent pussy pounding that satiates them both.Totally sated by the pussy poking from that last position, Sierra turns her attention to Damon's pleasure. She isn't timid about resuming her interrupted blowjob, fellating and eating with fine zest. With such determination, it's not surprising when Damon pours out in her face after mere moments, leaving her a cum douche to lap up in the aftermath of their love.

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