Drive Me Tasty

Lobo is getting creative dipping toy cars into chocolate pudding and then making tracks all over Luna Ruiz's cock-squeezing lil' body. Once he has completed making his mess, he takes responsibility and cleans it up with his tongue. He starts at Luna's feet, and then works his way up from there.Luna wants to get on the fun, too, so she sits up and takes Lobo's mitt so that she can cover him with pudding tracks. She concentrates on his upper before leaning forward to lap at his flesh with her soft tongue. He's not fairly neat when she changes tacks and kisses his mouth, but Lobo doesn't seem to mind.Covering Luna's upper with pudding tracks is the next order of biz for Lobo, who makes sure that his lover's cupcakes are accurately coated before leaning forward to neat them. He takes bunch time focusing on those gentle globes and especially Luna's rock-hard nips before shifting focus once again to drive his toy car all over her naked mound and thighs. Munching that soft sweetness neat is a pure sheer elation that Lobo does with absolute pleasure.Switching catches sight of with Luna on the bed, Lobo lets his Spanish gem take her pudding-covered car for a rail down his tummy to his long shaft. She is just as careful to neat him off as he was for her, taking particular care to envelop Lobo's entire meatpipe with her mouth so that she knows she hasn't missed a spot! Luna's lusty blowjob is just the foreplay that the duo needs to budge on to something more fulfilling. Replacing her mouth with her cream colored twat, Luna climbs on top of Lobo and bends forward so that she can cover him in kisses as she rails him for both of their pleasure. She changes places with him to lay on her belly, yelling her completion when Lobo enters her from behind to proceed their lovemaking.That posture is perfect for both Lobo and Luna as his milks gradually speed up. Luna is the first-ever to reach climax, but Lobo is not far behind! When he can't hold back any longer, he unleashes to cover Luna's bottom in jizm in a jaw-dropping end to their sweet voluptuous afternoon games.

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