Draw Me In

Monika Benz and Kirra are both decked out in hot evening gowns as they run their thumbs all over their own heated figures and swap craving glances. When Monika nods Kirra close, the brunette is happy to oblige. Joining Monika on the couch, Kirra presses her lips to her girlfriend's and then works her way lower to Monika's pointy boobs. Closing her teeth around Monika's rigid nipple, Kirra slips her palm further down to hike up Monika's micro-skirt so that she can start fondling the steamy humidity of her lover's shaved twat.Monika is happy to help Kirra out, pressing her palm over Kirra's to show her just what kind of pressure and speed she wants. The clit rubdown is the brilliant accompaniment to Monika's anal have fun as she presses a finger into her ass. Her thighs rock with utter rapture as she and Kirra work together to bring her right to the brim of cumming.Getting up on her knees and turning her back to Kirra, Monika thrusts her donk back to open herself up to her girlfriend's ministrations. Kirra keeps working Monika's butthole with her fingers, and and then leans forward to double down on the vibration with her puckered tongue. Pushing her finger deeper inside, she lets Monika guide her until the short hair ultra-cutie is shrieking her ecstasy.Urging Kirra up onto the couch, Monika settles down underneath her gf and buries her face in the fever of her landing unclothe pussy. Pressing 2 thumbs deep into Kirra's cascading snatch, Monika begins flicking her wrist back and forward at a constant pace. When her tongue snakes out to Kirra's clit, Monika commits to stopping at nothing until Kirra is trembling with the force of her orgasm.Laying Kirra down on the couch and positioning her slot over Kirra's face, Monika leans her head back in blessing as she luvs another lush of puss licking. She alternates inbetween wringing Kirra's funbags and her own while Kirra works magic with her tongue. It's not lengthy before her entire body is wiggling again, leaving Monika entirely satisfied.Ready to bring Kirra off one last time before considering their lovemaking finished, Monika helps her gf up onto her mitts and knees. She slips 2 thumbs knuckle-deep into Kirra's weeping sheath, using them as a dildo to work the brunette toward the heights of passion. When Kirra reaches down to caress her own clit, she gets off nearly instantly. Cuddling together on the couch, the damsels swap lengthy smooches and slow touches as they come down from their orgasmic enjoyment.

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